Zurik goes MIA….

It was about an hour ago when everyone else had their lunch that I noticed Zurik was missing.

Zurik normally does not respond to being called, so calling him is a wasted effort…unless he happens to be hungry, which is not so these days because he eats small meals so often.

So, after feeding everyone, I went to the usual spots to look for him. I checked the storeroom, under the tables and chairs, the high boxes where he likes to sit, the patio, under the vegetable pots – no Zurik.

Then I went upstairs, opened the door of every bedroom, looked under the beds – no Zurik.

I came downstairs to do one more round because sometimes you’d miss a spot.

Still no Zurik.

Could he possibly have slipped out? That’s quite impossible, but with cats, you’d never know, so I went out to the porch to look.

No Zurik.

By now, I was going into panic mode…

I went out to the road, up and down, then to the playground for a higher view of the neighbour’s rooftop (where Zurik used to have his hideout all these years).

I called for him many, many times.

No Zurik.

Then, I came back to the house and did many rounds again.

This was insanity….doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. But with cats, you can have different results sometimes, so I repeated my search.

I must have searched the storeroom eight times or more by now, each time expecting to find Zurik sitting on that long box that he likes. Each time I searched in the storeroom, Ginger would also go in to explore. But Ginger did not indicate that someone else might be inside. He was just sniffing at everything.

I contemplated getting help – should I contact a psychic already? Should I do the “Kitchen-God” scissors with boiling water ritual?  I’d try anything to get him back.

This went on for quite sometime. Inside and outside the house, searching, calling for him.

No Zurik.

By now, I was totally drenched in sweat and definitely in panic mode.

Where are you, Zurik?

Like a mad woman, I went into the storeroom again. Goodness, the storeroom is SO small, where could he be hiding if indeed he is only in the storeroom???  But each time I went into the storeroom and called for him, I did hear a very small shuffling noise. I thought it was just some echo. But this time, I called again and there it was – that small shuffling noise. Oh dear, is Zurik stuck in the storeroom?  Did something fall on him??


Then I removed this bag of kapok…

Hehehe…you found me….hehehe.

Oh my goodness, Zurik!!!!!!!

He was just hiding, that’s all. Guess it’s all a game to him or he ate so much this morning (yes, he did) and he’s not at all hungry, so who needs lunch?



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