Zurik tips the scales at 4.8kg!

First, let me apologise for yesterday’s typo in the subject of the post about Zurik’s breathing pattern. I used “beats” and that led to the confusion that I was talking about his heartbeat. The word should have been “breaths” and not “beats”. Sorry!

I am monitoring Zurik’s breathing pattern to check if there is any laboured breathing which would be indicative of the accumulation of fluids in his lung cavity.

So, the number of BREATHS was 8 per 15 seconds, which is good as that is really slow and calm, and hence, definitely not laboured in any way.

It used to be as high as 16 breaths per 15 seconds previously, but now it is only 8 breaths when I counted yesterday.

It is all good. Hopefully, the vasculitis (leakage of fluids and protein from the blood vessels to the lung cavity) will stop or has stopped….?

Today, I weighed Zurik and he tipped the scales at 4.8kg! When Zurik was first diagnosed with FIP, he was only 3.9kg and subsequently went down to 3.7kg. Then, under the treatment protocol of steroids, Vetri-DMG and RetroMAD1, he slowly gained weight.

However, it’s still not the critical “two months” yet, though, but we are hopeful.

I thought I should also share on the aspect of nutrition for Zurik’s treatment protocol. When first diagnosed, the keyword was “high protein”. Due to the protein leakage from the blood vessels, a high-protein diet was of utmost importance. So I made sure Zurik had raw meat in his diet. Unfortunately, Zurik refused to eat Cubgrub, which is balanced raw diet, so I had to resort to the only thing he would eat raw – chicken fillet. I made sure every meal started with some raw chicken fillet, and this protocol is still maintained now. But because raw chicken fillet is not balanced and Zurik still refuses to eat Cubgrub, he gets his other nutritional requirements from kibble. I give him high-protein kibble (Cindy’s and Solid Gold Indigo Moon). Zurik loves kibble. To maintain his interest in kibble, I have various flavours from a few brands.

Zurik takes his RetroMAD1 three times a day, so this is accompanied by a big spoonful of AD each time. Hence, he gets AD three times a day too.

His weight gain from the lowest 3.7kg to today’s 4.8kg must be due to the chicken fillet, kibble and the AD.

While we know that raw food is the best, sometimes, if our cat doesn’t want to eat it and we cannot afford the luxury or time to “train” our cat to eat the best food, we would just have to make do with second best. The priority is that the cat eats.


Thank you so much for rooting for Zurik!

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