Bunny’s trips out to the patio

Bunny often gets trips out to the patio.

But whenever he comes out, Ginger, Heidi and Zurik at at risk of being attacked and screamed at in a war-cry battle. Even though Bunny is 80% blind, he can still smell them out and sometimes, he can actually “see”.

Heidi is terrified of Bunny and will steer clear out of his way. But Ginger…that is still a problem. We still cannot determine if Ginger won’t run because (1) he is so clueless and thinks the whole world is good OR (2) he is just being stubborn and standing his ground. OR…the third possibility is that he is using (1) to mask (2).

This happened a few days ago. Ginger is asleep on the cage while Bunny is looking in his direction.

Thankfully, it was a peaceful trip and Bunny did not attack Ginger.

Instead, Bunny decided to go into the carrier and had a long, long nap there.

Ginger too, had a long and peaceful nap.

Heidi was safe too!

Bunny only woke up when it was lunch time and he heard the sounds of the bowls.

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