The day Heidi’s tunnel was defiled….by Ginger(?)

Yesterday was a sad day for Heidi.

Someone had sprayed massively on her tunnel.

We think it’s Ginger.

So, for half a day, she had no tunnel to play in. It had to be washed and sunned dry.

Why do we think it’s Ginger, you may ask? Well, because there are only two males in the living room – Ginger and Zurik. Zurik hasn’t been spraying at all. He pees in the bathroom (we have seen this many, many times – he uses the drainhole). Ginger has been caught spraying too many times.

Also, Ginger is a very jealous cat. Maybe he is jealous that Heidi gets to play so many games using her tunnel. So, he decided to defile it.

Heidi was still unhappy and only slept at the entrance of the tunnel. I suppose it is hard to get rid of all the pee smell, especially when cats’ sense of smell is 40 times more heightened than that of a humans’.

The cat-person who sprayed on the tunnel was out for revenge – there was right in the middle, inside the tunnel as well as outside, all along the length.

It was an act of…vengeance or jealousy – quite human-like, actually.

Luckily I have a new box today, so Heidi has taken over the box as her sanctuary…for today.

We hope she will play in the tunnel again. She’s been having such good times and also good exercise playing in the tunnel all this while.

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