Updates from a CNRM-er on his colony (Po Ye Koon’s)

We are always very grateful when any applicant sends us updates and news about her/his work and the neutered animals in her/his colony.

Mr Po Ye Koon is a new CNRMer. When he first applied for our aid, we explained the concept of CNRM and how our funds would only be channeled to applicants who will continue to look after all the neutered animals.

Mr Po’s colony is the area around a coffee shop and the neighbouring shops. It’s a manageable area as it is not too big.

“Keep it small and beautiful” as we always say.

He has since got two cats neutered – a male and a female. Both cats recuperated indoors in his house and after they had fully recovered, Mr Po released them back to the colony and continues to feed them daily.

Recently, he brought in a pregnant cat so that she could deliver safely in his house. The mother-cat delivered four healthy and bouncy kittens three weeks ago and all four are doing well. The mother-cat will be spayed after she is done feeding her kittens.

Here are some photos:

4 kittens.. so lucky able to help because she delivered on 2nd night after I bring her in my house..

All healthy and cute now 😍.  They are 3 weeks old.  full credit to their mother for feeding well 🤭.

She feeds them every 2 hours.. If not I also cannot keep feeding because need to work 😂

All almost equal size.. the one sleep the most the biggest and longest nails 😂

Will trim their nails this weekend because some very sharp and I busy during weekdays.. so far they still play softly so still fine 😬

We are delighted that Mr Po shares our pro-life values and clearly, his efforts have brought him much joy and pride.

There are also some happy news about the spayed female cat. The cat has become an “ambassador” of a nearby human clinic and other people also help to feed her! Take a look at the photos and Mr Po’s comments.

This is the return cat.. still waiting for me everyday and even got ppl help put big cup and refill water every few days 😊

Maybe because she is ambassador for the clinic so they reward her 🤣

Mr Po would like to put this cat up for adoption, as it’s always safer for street animals to be in a loving home. If you are interested, please leave a messages on this post.

Thank you so much, Mr Po, for becoming a happy CNRMer!  We are proud and honoured to have you on board our CNRM projects!

To all applicants, please do share your CNRM stories with us. It will encourage others to follow in your footsteps and more street animals will be helped and looked after well.

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