Bunny and Indy to vet’s (SDMA down!)

Today, Bunny and Indy also tagged along to the vet’s with Zurik. For the two of them, it’s their 2-month’s review.

Both Bunny and Indy was discovered to have early kidney degeneration two months ago. Bunny’s SDMA was 18 (high) while Indy’s was 15 (borderline high).  For the last two months, both were on their usual diet, but their kibble snack was changed to RC Renal kibble. Both were also given 200ml subcut twice a week.

Today, an ultrasound of the kidneys were done on both, besides the blood profile of the kidneys inclusive of a repeat SDMA test.

This is Bunny’s readings today:

The SDMA has come down to a borderline high of 15 (from the previous 18). This is really good! The BUN and creatinine readings also came down.

Bunny’s ultrasound showed that his left and right kidneys are of normal size, but there is a slight loss of medullary structure on the left.  This is not surprising since Bunny is FIV+.  However, it is also only a slight loss and is not alarming.

The vet suggests that Bunny maintains his twice-weekly subcut 0f 200ml.  There is no problem in giving Bunny subcut except that he has developed the habit of spraying just before or during subcut (but this is a very small matter, of course)!

This is Indy’s readings:

Indy’s SDMA has gone down to the normal range now! The reading is now 13 (previously, it was 15). His creatinine and BUN readings have also gone down.

The ultrasound on Indy’s kidneys, however, showed that his right kidney is smaller than his left. There is also some medullary structure loss on the right.  Compared to Bunny’s, Indy’s medullary loss is more significant.

The vet says we can reduce Indy’s subcut to once a week, but twice a week would also do him well. We decided to maintain it at twice a week since Bunny’s is also twice a week.

Their diet will remain as it is. It looks like what has helped the most is the subcut fluids.

After Vincent’s experience, it pays to do early warning check-ups on the kidney function. At least with the SDMA test, preventive measures can be taken to slow down the kidney degeneration.

Within 2 months of doing subcut, the SDMA readings have come down. Based on today’s blood test readings, Indy’s kidney degeneration is Stage 1 and Bunny’s is Stage 2. For both, there has been an improvement.

Bunny and Indy’s next review will be in 3 months’ time.

Bunny and Indy both weighed 5.4kg on the clinic scale.

A treat back home, with Cow Mau!



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