Who is this cat-in-the-box??

Surely it’s Heidi, right? Heidi loves sleeping in boxes.

Or maybe it’s Tabs?

Look closer…

It’s….Mr Zurik!!

It’s really nice to see him being curious and “kitteny”!

For the past one week, though, Mr Zurik has been exhibiting a rather strange behaviour. It would suddenly jerk away and zoom off. It can happen before he eats, or while he is eating (but not always) or it can just happen anytime.  I mentioned it to the vet today and asked to have his teeth checked just in case it is some gum problem or pain in the mouth, but the vet checked and said his teeth looked fine except for some tartar.

I remember Vincent used to jerk away suddenly while eating, but then his was different – it was always when he was eating. Vincent had stomatitis and he would paw at his mouth too.

Zurik has no trouble eating and the vet had already checked his teeth and gums today. He also doesn’t paw at his mouth at all.

It’s a rather strange phenomenon.

Could he just be playing?

I read up about involuntary muscle twitching, but what Zurik does doesn’t fit the description.

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