Zurik’s check-up – too little fluids!

Today is Zurik’s check-up.

The vet did a very thorough ultrasound on both lung cavities and the abdomen.

As before, the left lung cavity has no fluids. The right has some tiny pockets of fluids, but it was even less than before! The abdomen has a small spot of fluids, but it was an insignificant amount. No aspiration was needed. This is already 42 days since the last aspiration!

So, all is well for Zurik.

The vet says we can do a further reduction of the steroids to half dose (2.5mg) every two days.

Zurik weight was 4.7kg on the clinic scale. This is already an increase as he was 4.5kg two weeks ago.

Hooray for Zurik!

And thank you, dear friends, for all the moral support for Zurik!

Zurik’s revised treatment protocol is now as follows:

Prednisolone – 2.5mg once in two days
RetroMAD1 – maintain at 0.7ml three times a day
Vetri DMG – 0.5ml once a day

Coatex fish oil – 1 capsule per day
B Complex – 1 tablet per day

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