Zurik’s news

Zurik had been doing his “jerks” for more than a week, but that has stopped now. That’s good.  One less thing to wonder or worry about!

We started on the reduced steroids (half dose once in two days) on Saturday. So far, his breathing is still as per normal but his appetite is also not as good as before. Maybe the previous good appetite was due largely to the steroids. I hope that is the reason.

But then again, Zurik knows how to “extort” what he wants from me. For a few weeks now, he has been demanding for RC Renal kibble. But he should not be eating that because it’s of lower protein (the RC Renal kibble is Indy’s snack). Zurik needs a high protein diet. I bought him Solid Gold’s Indigo Gold kibble (42% protein), but he isn’t crazy about it. He still preferred Cindy’s Naturelle kibble.

But after he discovered the taste of RC Renal, he clung on to that and refused to eat unless there is even 5-6 pellets of RC Renal in any of his meals. So, I’ve had to put a few pellets of RC Renal into all his meals. Otherwise, he would just stare at me and refuse to eat.

Since he didn’t have much appetite yesterday, I thought I would give him a change of taste and since he likes the RC taste, I bought a small packet of RC Baby Cat (supposedly high protein).

That did the trick today! I sprinkled a bit of RC Baby Cat on all his meals and he ate them!

Let’s hope he continues eating all his regular meals.

Zurik still gets raw meat every day.

Lounging at the patio.

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