Zurik’s new supplement

Zurik is back to his “normal” good appetite again. This is despite the lowering of the steroid dosage.

I also started him on two more supplements which I add to his AD when I give him his medicines. One is Mercola’s probiotics (which all our cats take since last year) and there’s a new one called Immune Balance, also from Mercola’s.  Immune Balance contains four main ingredients, namely, arabinogalactan, colustrum, moringa leaf and yeast fermentate.  It is supposed to restore and support immune function.

Details about Immune Balance: https://products.mercola.com/healthypets/immune-balance/

Besides Zurik, I’m hoping this product will help our FIV+ cats too (Cow, Bunny and Ginger).

Zurik is eating many times a day again.

The cute eyes…

Da menacing eyes….!!

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