Mr Zurik’s high spaces

Zurik’s appetite has been on and off lately. On some days, it’s good, and on some, not so. I’ve discovered the trick, though. I think Ginger and Heidi intimidate him when he is eating by just sitting next to him, sniffing at him or staring at him. Zurik doesn’t like this.

Zurik is sensitive to being stared at. So during the communal eating, he doesn’t eat much.

So, the trick is to let him on his own, in his own safe space, preferably high up.

Like on the piano.

Zurik’s weight is okay, so that’s good.

Occasionally, if he feels dehydrated (from the pinch test), I will give him a subcut of 200ml. It helps. Zurik’s next check-up is on this Saturday and we hope all will be well.

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