Zurik eats Cubgrub!

It happened a few days ago, when Zurik was on top of the piano. I just tried my luck and offered him some Cubgrub along with some canned food. Zurik was interested in the Cubgrub and he licked some.

That was really good, but the next time I offered, he didn’t want it anymore. So I thought it was just a one-off lucky episode.

Today, I offered again – Cubgrub and canned food.

Zurik was alone in his hide-out.

He did not want any of the canned food at all. Went straight for the Cubgrub!

I hope this marks the beginning of Zurik’s change of food to Cubgrub, or at least, some Cubgrub on a daily basis.

I read from http://www.catvirus.com/ that one of the helpful ways to support an FIP cat is to ensure that the cat eats some raw food daily. So far, Zurik has been eating raw chicken fillet on a daily basis, but lately, I think he has grown fed-up of it so I’ve been forcefeeding the raw chicken in the morning (no struggle from him, though).

Also, raw chicken fillet alone is not balanced raw food. Cubgrub is. So, I’ve been hoping that Zurik would be willing to eat Cubgrub on his own and he has – twice, so far!

I hope he will continue to eat some Cubgrub daily!

Maybe the trick is to let him eat in isolation, away from the intimidating eyes of Ginger and Heidi.