Heidi and her tunnel

If you remember, after Ginger (our prime suspect, that is) sprayed massively on Heidi’s tunnel, Heidi refused to enter her tunnel again. This was after we cleaned and sunned the tunnel.

So, the tunnel was left uninhabited for weeks.

Until yesterday…..

All it took was just to move the tunnel to a different location, and Heidi went in again, but Ginger followed suit. I think Ginger is very jealous of Heidi’s tunnel.

Heidi stayed in the tunnel for a few minutes and this was followed by Ginger chasing Heidi up the stairs.

There’s still some tunnel-tension going on….

Heidi is also using the tunnel has a convenient hideout for herself. She hides in this spot to wait for someone to open the front door and she will try to make an escape out to the porch!

It’s a perfect hideout for her as it has worked for a few times now.

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