Zurik’s portraits

Tomorrow is Zurik’s check-up at the vet’s.  It would be 77 days after diagnosis.

Two weeks ago, we took another bold step and tapered down his steroids to 2.5mg once in two days. Tomorrow, we shall see if there is any further fluid build-up or it is status quo (as it had been for the past 56 days).

I can only hope that tomorrow will be another milestone for Zurik.

The RetroMAD1 scientist will also be present at tomorrow’s check-up as he has taken a keen interest in Zurik’s case.

Meanwhile, we took some portraits today!

Zurik’s weight has been consistent at about 4.8kg on our home weighing scale. No weight loss is GOOD.

I’ve also been monitoring his breathing rate while he sleeps. It’s slow and steady and there has been no sign of any laboured breathing.

Hoping for the best tomorrow!

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  • Shannon

    I will pray for him ! By the way my cat Ashton who has been on retromad1 for one week is doing amazing his energy levels are way up and appetite improved 🙂