Zurik’s check-up – a minor setback

We just came home from Zurik’s check-up today.

There is a minor setback.

Zurik’s weight was 5.0kg on the clinic scale, which is an increase of 300g from two weeks ago. However, since Monday, I’ve noticed a slight bulge in his abdomen and the vet felt this too and it felt like a bulge of liquid. The significant increase in weight is probably due to some fluid build-up.

The ultrasound was done. The right lung cavity remained the same as before with no new pockets of fluids, but the left lung cavity has small pockets this time. The abdominal cavity also has a few pockets of fluids as well. This was new, and it probably explains the bulge. However, the pockets of fluids here are also too small to be drained out, so we decided to leave it be.

Zurik’s blood was drawn for a profile. After spinning, there was indication of mild jaundice so further blood was drawn for more tests. We wanted to determine if the jaundice was due to any liver malfunction.

The blood test indicated that Zurik’s liver is fine and his blood bilirubin level is within the normal range too, so the jaundice is a result of the progression of the FIP disease. There is no yellowing of the eyes (I’ve been checking this daily) but the vet pointed out the very slight pale gums at the back of the mouth (which only a vet could see).

Zurik’s globulin level has decreased to 56 compared to 64 on 13th April 2019. However the ALT/GLOB ratio remains at 0.5.

His kidney readings are fine. His blood PCV is 25%, which is normal.

Zurik also felt a bit warmer than usual, so his temperature was taken. It was 39.4 degrees, so he has a fever. The vet prescribed Doxycycline (an antibiotic) for 7 days.

The fever and jaundice could be related too.

We suspect this minor setback could be due to the tapering down of the steroids, so we are going back to 2.5mg once a day.

Hopefully, by upping the steroids (which is still considered a very low dose), these new symptoms (the jaundice and new pockets of fluids) would be controlled.

It’s a minor setback for us. It was rather unexpected, though. But let’s hope this is all due to the tapering down of the steroids and things will improve in the next visit, which is in 6 days’ time.

Hoping for the best!

One day at a time…

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