Zurik’s check-up

Today was Zurik’s check-up.

The small amounts of fluids in the right and lung cavity remains the same with no increase. But the abdominal fluids have a slight increase. However, these fluids are spread all over interspersed in the layers of fat, so it was not possible to have them drawn out. The vet thinks it’s also too little to be drawn out (maybe only about 40ml). A tiny bit of drawn out just to check for its consistency and protein level. The consistency was thick but colourless and the protein level was 7.5 on the refractometer. That is considered high protein.

The vet also noticed some loss of muscle mass in Zurik (from along his back bone). Zurik’s weight was 4.95kg on the clinic scale.

A little bit of blood was drawn for spinning. Zurik’s PCV was at 23% and the good news is that the jaundice in the plasma is much lesser today. So, this has improved. We are to continue the antibiotic (Doxycycline) for one more week.

Since there was a slight increase in the abdominal fluids, the vet says to increase the steroids to 5mg once a day. This is still an anti-inflammatory dose and Zurik has taken this dose before.

We have also increased the RetroMAD1 since yesterday.

The plan now is to maintain Zurik on his medicines to slow down the progression of the illness, as best we can.

The vet did remark that Zurik doesn’t know he is sick, which is a good thing. He is able to eat well and is happy, so that’s all that matters.

The vet says Zurik should be on a high protein diet to compensate for the loss of protein through the fluids. He already is, so we will continue with this.

The good news today is that the jaundice has reduced. This jaundice is not due to any liver problem and is caused by the FIP virus. The increase of fluids in the abdomen is also considered quite little, which again, is good.

Maintaining Zurik on a good quality of life is our goal now.

One day at a time. Every day is a bonus.

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