Bunny goes to the vet’s (eye problem)

Yesterday, I noticed that Bunny’s right eye was swollen on the upper and lower lids. Bunny has always had eye discharge for years now, but this was different. The left eye had the usual discharge but the right was visibly swollen.

Also, Bunny has been having his vomiting problem again and I needed to get more Omeprazole for him too. Omeprazole solves the vomiting problem, but it’s still an occasional problem for the Buns.

So, it’s off to the vet’s this morning.

The swollen right eye.

The vet checked Bunny’s eyes and found a very faint scratch across it. Bunny could have got it in a fight (with Cow?).  We didn’t hear any war cries yesterday, but we also were not home all the time. According to the vet, such a scratch can be very painful.

So, Bunny has an eye ulcer now. The treatment for it is an eyedrop for both eyes (for the discharge on the left eye as well) and and eye gel (Solcoceryl) for the eye ulcer on the right. The Solcoceryl should only be applied at least 15 minutes AFTER the eyedrop. The eyedrop and eye gel are only for a week.

Bunny was also given an anti-inflammatory injection for today to be followed by 5 days of Beazyme, an anti-inflammatory medicine to be given twice a day.

I asked if there is any supplement for Bunny’s eyes because he has eye discharge very often. The vet said this could be due to a blocked tear duct which would have to be flushed out under sedation but we will not resort to doing this for now. So, an eye supplement, Maximus Ophtal from PetDiatrics, was prescribed. We shall try this to see if it helps his eye discharge problem. The supplement provides antioxidants for the eyes.

The vet says it would be good to put Bunny on the e-collar for 1-2 days to prevent him from rubbing or pawing at his eyes.

We are home!

So far, he hasn’t rubbed his eyes. I’ll be monitoring him for awhile to see if the e-collar is needed. I know he hates the e-collar, so I wouldn’t want to add the stress of having to wear it unless it is necessary.

Bunny’s going to take a nap now.

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