Zurik and Bunny’s news

Zurik has been eating very well. Everything seems okay except for the bulging abdomen (due to the fluids).

Sometimes, like today, he takes a long nap, which is good. He seems very comfortable and isn’t disturbed by the fluids in the abdomen. The vet did say that in a way, fluids in the abdomen is “better” than in the lung cavity because the latter will disrupt breathing.

So far, there is also no laboured breathing at all. It looks like the fluids are now accumulating the abdomen and not the lung cavities anymore. This can happen, according to the vet.

Zurik’s increased appetite is also possibly due to the steroids, but it’s good that he eats often as he needs high protein.

As for Bunny, I saw some improvement in his eye yesterday.

He loves sitting inside his tunnel. To lure him out, all I need to do is to hold a bowl of AD at the entrance of his tunnel and this would get him out!

Putting the eyedrops and eye gel is a bit of a problem, though. It needs two adult humans; I cannot do it alone. He scratches and Bunny is VERY strong.  However, pilling Bunny is easy….especially if there is AD as a incentive and reward, before and after!


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