Zurik’s check-up today (PCV up!)

Today was Zurik’s check-up.

There is good news and not-so-good news.

The good news is that Zurik’s blood PCV has gone up to 30% from the previous 23% last week! And, there is no more jaundice too though Zurik’s gums still appear to be a little pale. This means that decrease in the PCV, and jaundice and fever two weeks ago was most likely due to a flea parasite infection which the Doxycycline has taken care of. Very likely, it wasn’t due to the FIP. The vet has added on the Doxy to complete the course for a total of 21 days.

From the ultrasound, the fluids in the left and right lung cavities have not increased. However, the not-so-good news is that the fluids in the abdominal cavity has increased. This is rather typical of FIP whereby abdominal fluids increase quite rapidly. But, the fluids was still interspersed between the layers of fat, so it was spread out and was also very “fluid” (ie. it moves around). It was quite difficult to pinpoint the location of the fluids. The vet attempted abdominocentesis (drawing out the fluids) and only managed to obtain 10ml of fluids. The fluids was thick and sticky (indicative of high protein).

The vet also said there is further loss of muscle mass on Zurik, observed along his back bone. Again, the protein loss is caused by the leakage of fluids.

Zurik weighed 5.1kg on the clinic scale today. The increase in weight is most likely due to the fluids in the abdomen.

All in all, we are managing the disease and Zurik is, comparatively, doing “better” than many FIP patients.

The aspiration of the 10ml of fluids, unfortunately, did not reduce the size of the bulge in his tummy.  But it does not appear to be uncomfortable for him and most importantly, it does not interfere with his breathing. In certain cases, if there were more abdominal fluids, it can push the diaphragm up, press against the lungs and cause breathing difficulties.

Zurik was very brave and calm, as always.  The vet says he is such a good boy.

Our brave and courageous boy!

One day at a time. Every good day is precious!

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