Vaccination aid for 4 cats in Cheras (Lum Kah Wai’s)

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the vaccination of these 4 cats.

Mr Lum is a new applicant.

Good day to you Dr. Chan.

My name is Lum Kah Wai. I work as an Admin/Store Coordinator in a small trading company in Cheras.
This is my first application and I hope I got all the requirements fulfilled correctly.
Attached picture is four out of twelve kittens my wife and I have rescued and sent for their first vaccine.
I will post the forms and receipts using Pos Express to you soon.

This is our rescue story.
The first litter (mummy cat and her four newborn kittens. Rambo is one of them) was rescued on October 2018 at a car wash center nearby my office that has not been operating for months.
I have built a small cage using pvc pipes with steel netting for them.
The second litter (mummy cat and her six kittens. Sushi, Kopi and Susu) was rescued on March 2019 left abandoned in a box at the back alley of my store.
Since these rescued kitties are getting more and bigger, I have built another bigger cage for them. When they are matured, I separate the males and the females to avoid them from breeding while saving up for their vaccine and neuter/spay fees.

Until I have heard from a friend about Dr. Chan’s Animal Care Society to help the less fortunate street animals and offering some aids to street animals caregivers or those who are just starting out.

We are taking care of them ever since until now. We cooked for them every week too. They are all healthy and are in the good shape. We have posted their pictures on Facebook for free adoption. To date, 6 of the kittens have been adopted. Only left with me now are these 4 kittens and 2 mother cat. I have planned to get all of them vaccinated and then neutered/spayed. After that, they will be open for free adoption as soon as they are nursed back to good health.

I humbly request for the vaccination aid and if there is anything else I can provide or any questions I can answer for you, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me. I will respond promptly. Attached pictures of the kittens and the cages that I have built. I hope that Dr. Chan will consider my application. Thank you.


Lum Kah Wai

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