A stabilised CNRM colony in Ipoh (Dr Sathiah Devi a/p Subramaniam’s) Updates

When Dr Sathiah first wrote to us on 19th March 2019 about her CNRM work in Ipoh, we agreed to help her with the remaining 8 dogs to be neutered. She had, on her own, neutered some of the dogs by then. She also gets them vaccinated using her own funds and the injured ones are all given medical treatment.  She feeds them daily after work.

As it turned out, a few new dogs came into the colony, so as it stands now, we have helped her with the neutering of 12 dogs. One of the dogs got adopted into a loving home too! The rest are still in the colony and Dr Sathiah continues to look after them.

Below are photos of the dogs, all neutered.

Dr Sathiah has identified another area in Tanjung Rambutan where dogs were recently abandoned. We will also do our best to help her with this new area, which is located only 10 minutes from her old colony, so it is convenient for her to take care of the dogs in both locations. Dr Sathiah’s priority is to get all the females spayed first as it has been difficult for her to catch the males. But she will definitely try to get the males as well.

Dear Dr,  
Yes this is from a new area which I recently been feeding.  From the previous place I have spayed all the female dogs.  This place is located in tanjung rambutan.Number of dog been found there when I rescued a dog with a container stuck on the head. I assume they got abandon by the palm oil plantation owners. There were puppies also,  but unfortunately mostly died of parvo.  I started to feed them and spayed some. I can send you the pictures of the dogs and the places tomorrow evening when I go there to feed.  It will be helpful  if I get the fund to spay these dogs.


Sathiah  Devi subramaniam.

We have received photos of the new place as well.

This is the place Dr.  This place is located near to my original feeding area,  but surrounded by palm oil plantation. When I asked around I got to know these dogs been abandon by the owners and nobody feeding them. It’s an abandon place. Some I have spayed. Left with 5 females. 2  are still puppies. The rest are male dogs.

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