Indy and Bunny’s twice-weekly subcut sessions

Indy and Bunny’s twice-weekly subcut sessions have been ongoing for a few months now. It helps tremendously in reducing the kidney readings as well as the predictive SDMA values.

In the last check-up, all kidney readings came down and Indy’s SDMA went from 15 to 13 (the borderline for kidney degeneration is 14) while Bunny’s SDMA went from 18 to 15. Both were very encouraging. The ultrasound scans on Indy showed that his right kidney was smaller than his left and there was some loss of medullary structure on the right. Bunny’s ultrasound showed both kidneys to be of equal size with slight loss of medullary structure on the left. In diagnosing kidney insufficiency, it would be more useful to take into the account blood test readings as well as the ultrasound scans to get a better and more accurate picture.

Based on the diagnosis, they just need the twice-weekly subcut sessions, so I’ve been doing the 200ml subcut for them on Wednesdays and Sundays. These are our subcut days.

Indy, as always, is still tense during the sessions. That’s just Indy’s character.

Bunny is very relaxed.

He can even lie down and take a nap during subcut!

Heidi is the nurse for today.

Bunny expects a reward after every subcut session.

I missed taking a really nice photo of Indy and Cow waiting for Bunny to come downstairs from his subcut where they both sniffed at him to make sure he was alright!

Brothers, always!

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