We are in the #DoGoodwithBoost campaign!!

We are pleased to announce that AnimalCare is now accepting donations via the Boost app to make it easier for you to #DoGoodwith Boost! You can now conveniently find us under the Boost Donation tile within the “Do More” tab.

So, if you are a Boost user, you may make a direct donation to us through the Boost app or donate your Shake Rewards each time you make a transaction!

We would like to thank Boost for the honour and opportunity to reach out to their 4.4 million users in hopes of more donations to help animals!

The in-app donation function has only been listed for a short time and we’ve already started seeing donations trickling in from direct donations and donations from Shake Rewards as well!

When there are 4.4 million users, imagine the good with even a single sen donated!

Thank you very much, Boost and all supporters!

How to do a direct donation through the Boost app:

Just key in your password and follow through after this.

How to donate your Shake Reward to us:

#DoGoodwith Boost

Every sen REALLY counts!!