Heidi, our loyal taiji cat

Heidi has been following us for taiji for the longest time now.  It’s been many years.

She has her own routine at the park too. First, she will roll around in the basketball court, then she goes to her “secret stash” of grass. Sometimes, if in the mood, she does sprints in the park and even climbs up a tree!

The trip out must be AT LEAST 45 minutes or so, otherwise, she won’t be satisfied and will not come home with us. There has to be enough time for her to do her entire routine.

It’s a big and peaceful park.

Then, she comes home with us and has her mandatory half-boiled egg yolk. That’s her reward for having done her routine for the day.

Then, she takes long naps throughout the day.

Zurik used to accompany me to the park too, but nowadays, it’s too risky to let him out, so he is indoors all the time.

Zurik has been eating well. He is eating more Cubgrub these days, which is all good. Tomorrow will be his check-up.

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