Zurik’s check-up (150ml fluids drawn out)

Today was Zurik’s check-up.

There was no increase in fluids in his left and right lung cavities. It looks like there is no more fluid leakage in these two places.

However, there appeared to be a slight increase in the abdominal fluids. Initially the vet thought it would not be necessary to draw out the fluids as the fluids were still interspersed in the layers of fat, but finally decided to do so.

A total of 150ml fluids was drawn out. There could have been more, but the vet did not want to draw out too much as it would cause too much loss of protein and fluids.

Zurik’s temperature was 38.4 degrees (normal).

We came home and did a 200ml subcut as per instructed by the vet as Zurik was slightly dehydrated and fluids were drawn out today.

The vet said the disease is progressing but at a slow rate. Our aim is to keep Zurik as happy and as comfortable as possible, which is what we are already doing.

A reward after subcut!

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