Sweet Mr Zurik

Mr Zurik, as tough as he looks, is actually a very sweet and sensitive cat.

Ever since he was diagnosed with FIP, he has been living indoors and we share a very special bond.

He has to take his medicines three times a day (the RetroMAD1). The morning round has more medicines (steroids, Vetri DMG, Vit B Complex, fish oil) so that’s more challenging for us. I use, on rotation (just to keep it interesting and not so boring), three types of foods to help the medicine go down – AD, small pieces of raw chicken fillet or Cubgrub (which is harder because it’s more liquid). This food is force-fed with the medicine.

Quite often, I get bitten on my first finger, which is the finger I use to push the pills down Zurik’s throat. I don’t blame him, of course. Nobody likes having anything shoved down one’s throat. Maybe it’s also a reflex action on his part. So there is a permanent sore on my right first finger. Sometimes, Zurik bites a bit harder until it bleeds.

This morning, it happened, and the bleeding was quite profuse. Whenever he bites me, I do tell him “not to bite mummy” and that I’m sorry but he has to take his meds.

I think Mr Zurik felt really bad for biting my finger this morning because after the pilling session, he came into the kitchen.

Normally, when he comes in, it means he wants more food and I would happily give him some. Usually, he wants kibble as a snack. But this morning, he just sat and stared at every type of kibble that I offered him. He refused to eat. He just sat and stared.

I tried raw food. He continued staring.

Then, I knew what he wanted. Somehow, you will develop some sixth sense about such things when you have a close relationship with your pet.

I figured he wanted me to force-feed him some food to show me that he will not bite me. I just knew that’s what he wanted, so I sat down beside him and force-fed the raw food.

I was right.

Mr Zurik dutifully ate every piece of raw food as I force-fed piece by piece into his mouth. He did not bite me. At all.

That’s how sweet he is.

That’s the special relationship we have.

At one of his favourite nap spots – on the table.

A new spot he discovered today.

Zurik likes kibble as a snack, so I have been getting different brands and flavours to keep it interesting for him. But of all the brands, he loves Monge Adult Kibble. I bought a fresh new pack today (I have to buy the small packs because all our cats want it “freshly open”) and Mr Zurik had a field day, enjoying his Monge Adult. Tried the Indoor flavour but everyone prefers the Adult.

Zurik’s strawberry bed.

Goodnight, Mr Zurik! Sweet dreams!

For Mr Zurik and me, every day counts. Every good moment is precious.



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