Zurik’s check-up (375ml fluids drawn)

Today was Zurik’s check-up.

His belly had already felt very turgid for a few days now. Prior to this, it was just soft and “fluidy”; not turgid. But for the past few days, it felt turgid, which is indicative of a fair amount of fluids in the abdomen.

The ultrasound on both sides of the lungs showed no change, which is good. But the ultrasound on the abdomen showed, as expected, much more fluids and this time, the fluids were not interspersed in the layers of fat.

The vet decided it was necessary to draw out the fluids. We did this and a total of 375ml fluids was drawn out. We were going to stop at 300ml, but the vet felt that there was still a lot of fluids, so she decided to continue.

Zurik’s blood was taken and his PCV is 30%, which is good. There is also no jaundice in the plasma, which is all good too.

So it looks like the only problem now is the leaking of fluids into the abdominal cavity. Other than this, all is okay. But granted, the leakage of fluids is a BIG problem because it means Zurik is losing a lot of protein. The aspirated fluids were thick and very yellowish too.

The only thing we can do at this juncture to address this leakage is to increase the steroid dosage to 7.5mg per day (5mg and 2.5mg). That would be one-and-a-half tablets per day.

With the 375ml of fluids drawn out, we came home to do a 220ml subcut.

As always, Zurik was really good and calm throughout.

When we reached home, Zurik seemed really happy and lively. The aspiration of the 375ml must have given him some relief. Imagine carrying that much liquid in the belly… I could really see a difference in him. He definitely seemed more sprightly in his step.

Subcut after coming home.

A reward of his favourite kibble, Monge Adult.

Chomping away!

Yum, yum, yums!

The light yellow patch on his belly is due to the iodine after the aspiration was done.

Zurik is alert and happy – that’s all that matters.

He is also eating well and definitely enjoying his food!

I hope the increase in steroids will slow down the accumulation of fluids in the belly. While we totally understand that long-term ingestion of steroids is not that good, but if it can control this one thing that is causing him discomfort, it’s really the lesser of two evils.

The steroid dosage of 7.5mg per day is still an anti-inflammatory dose and not immune-suppressing.

Zurik is on 0.5ml Vetri DMG twice a day and is still on 1.2ml RetroMAD1 three times a day. Maybe the combination of all these medications is helping to a certain extent.

I remain grateful that Zurik’s PCV is still good (there is no anaemia), there is no jaundice or fever. He still has his appetite and constantly asks for food.

Zurik doesn’t know he is sick, life goes on as per normal for him.