Bunny-alert, Bunny-alert!

Bunny gets trips out to the patio almost every day. It’s one of the highlights of the day for him.

But when he comes out, everyone else is on the alert.

Most of all, it’s Heidi.

Heidi is not afraid of “anything”. She is unperturbed by thunderstorms, huge delivery trucks, even total strangers like the grass-cutters.  She hangs out with garden maintenance and construction workers too.

But Heidi is super TERRIFIED of Bunny.

So, when Bunny comes out, Heidi runs for her life and makes sure Bunny doesn’t detect her presence.

So, yesterday, Heidi was happily sleeping in her Old Blue House (the old blue carrier) outside at the patio when Bunny came out for his patio-trip.

Unbeknownst to us, Heidi slowly and quietly slipped out and hid behind the trolley to take cover.

Bunny made his rounds, sniffing everywhere and soon, he went to the Old Blue House. Heidi was just behind him, but she was as still and quiet as a mouse.

Bunny didn’t detect Heidi’s scent, so he went into the Old Blue House.

Too close for comfort, actually, but it’s best to leave it as it is.

Soon, Bunny fell asleep.

Heidi too.

We put Ginger up here for his own safety.

Zurik was in the house and far enough from the are of potential danger.

Bunny and Heidi were there for hours. Finally, Bunny woke up, detected Ginger and a fight almost ensued, but we managed to scoop Ginger to safety and Bunny back to his room.

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