Mr Zurik defends his territory

It’s been 3 days of worrying.

After the fluid extraction on Friday, Mr Zurik came back and appeared to be very happy. He even ate a lot on that day. I did a 220ml subcut for him and all was well on that day.

However, on the next day, he refused to eat. I only force-fed him a bit of food for the purpose of giving him his medication, and I waited patiently for him to eat on his own again. By noon, he still had no appetite, so I did another subcut for him.  It takes 6 hours of the subcut fluids to disperse throughout the body and by night time, he was willing to eat, but only a little.

This inappetance went on for two more days. He did eat, but only a small amount. I force-fed as gently as I could, taking care of not stressing him out. But I was really worried about him. We already know the disease could take a turn for the worst anytime.

It was only this morning that Zurik appeared to feel better again. He came to the kitchen to wait for breakfast and ate a fair amount. He also came back to ask for more food after his medication, which is his usual habit.

For the past few days, Ginger had been intimidating Zurik as well. I was worried because Zurik did not fight back.

Today, Zurik stood his ground and growled back at Ginger, which is GOOD.

Zurik decided to take this box this morning. Ginger came to hound him and I heard Zurik growling back. Atta boy, Zurik!

The big orange bully, Ginger.

Heidi is only an occasional bully.

Tabs has never ever bullied anyone!

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