Pole’s surprises!

It’s been a few pleasant surprises so far….

After about 3-4 hours after Pole was given her first dose of medication at the clinic, I saw her squatting and urinating!  What a sight for sore eyes!  Yes, there was definitely a stream of urine.

I hope this means the antibiotics is addressing the infection that caused the UTI and that is all and that there is other more serious underlying medical problems.

Then came the evening dose of medicine.


I wasn’t quite sure how I would handle this, but there was two medicines to be taken. (1) the Crystaid capsule (which contains powder) and (2) the liquid Clavomox.

First, I opened up the capsule and emptied the powder into a spoonful of Hills’ CD (the urinary canned food). Earlier on, Pole seemed to like the taste of CD despite it being very grainy. She normally doesn’t take to any new foods, so I was pleasantly surprised that she ate it up. Now, I was mixing the powder into the CD – this is a huge risk in that if Pole doesn’t like it, I’m sure she will declare war on the CD. I was HOPING that since CD is a brand new food, she would not detect the powder being an alien scent.

Fat hopes….

Pole sniffed at the powder-laced CD carefully and refused to eat any of it.

Oh well, I knew it was a huge risk and it proved to be so.

So, what was I to do now….all the powder had already been mixed with the CD. Force-feeding Pole is a nightmare.

I had no other choice but to force-feed, so that’s what I attempted to do. I thought it was going to be impossible but as it turned out, here’s surprise No. 2 – Pole ate it!  Well, of course it took some effort and coaxing, but she ate it!

Haha…I almost couldn’t believe it!

But I knew she would definitely associate CD with medicine and force-feeding (just as Zurik has associated AD with force-feeding, ie. “the enemy food”) and I would not be abl to use CD as her food for the next few days.

But guess what? Surprise No. 3 was in store for me an hour later. I offered Pole some CD (neat) and she ate it all up, wholeheartedly and happily!

Oh wow! So, CD is not the enemy food after all. Yay!

Next was the liquid antibiotics. How should we do this? My husband suggested we wrap her in a towel first.

But no, I didn’t do that. I just used the smallest syringe (because her mouth is so small), and pumped in tiny bits of the 0.5ml of antibiotics from the sides of her mouth.

Hah! Surprise No. 4 – I managed to feed her all of the antibiotics without her frothing!


As it stands now, whether it’s Day-One-Luck or not, Pole is now officially taken off the list of “Most difficult cats to force-feed medicine” in our house. Who is left on the list?


Only Cleo.

So far, Pole has eaten CD (neat) two more times. It’s all good. She seems as “normal” as can be too.

Let’s hope there is no more UTI and the next 6 days of medication will be as smooth-sailing as today! However, the anti-inflammatory liquid is rather bitter, the vet had warned, but thank goodness that’s only for 2 more days.

The Queen and the Queen Mother!

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