Vaccination aid for 2 cats in Cheras (Lum Kah Wai’s)

We have provided an aid of RM50 for the vaccinations of these 2 cats.

This aid is sponsored by Avant Pet Sdn Bhd.

Mr Lum practises CNRM at this colony, together with two more neighbours. He is also doing his best to garner the goodwill of other neighbours to be more accepting of community cats. For example:

Just last week when one of the aunties saw me feeding them and scold me, I just tell her that these cats bring good luck to me when I feed them. Anyhow, if they blame us for these cats doing business in their house entrance, I will be gladly cleaning up the mess. Hope I am doing it right as I was just trying to open their hearts to the street animals.

Good day Dr. Chan,

I have brought the two mother cats for vaccination as per Dr. Chan’s advise and then will go for spaying once the vet doctor checked they are fit.
Ratu was rescued on October 2018 at a car wash center nearby my office that has not been operating for months. I have been feeding her there for a period of time until she was pregnant and gave birth to 4 kittens. I know I just couldn’t leave Ratu and her newborns there, so this is where I started my rescue journey together with my wife.
Mamee was rescued on March 2019 together with her six kittens left abandoned in a box at the back alley of my store. She is one tough cookie protecting her litter carrying them one by one, back and forth to find a safe hideout. I brought all of them back and took care of the rest until now.
Currently both of them, Ratu and Mamee are on heat now. The vet doctor  suggest not to have them neuter now or it will have complication during the surgery. I have attached their picture in this email. They are mothers of Kopi, Susu, Sushi (Mamee’s kitten) and Rambo (Ratu’s Kitten) from my previous vaccination aid application:
Thank you very much Dr. Chan for providing the aid to us to help the street animals.
ps: I have brought Ratu and Mamee for vaccination on the 17th July but I forgot to bring along the forms because I was rushing there after my work before they are closed at 9pm. Therefore Dr. Chan will see different dates on the receipts and vaccination aid forms as I went back again to the clinic on the 20th July to get the form signed and stamped by the vet doctor.
Lum Kah Wai

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