Neutering aid for 1 cat in Setia Alam (Po Ye Koon’s)

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this cat.

Dear Dr Chan,

This female cat was found in Setia Alam. I found her when trying to finish the cat food that left by the other cat that I take care. She was pregnant and due to delivery so I decided to take her in which she delivered after 2 days. Time past by and all her kittens were 8 weeks and the other 2 kittens were gave away for adoption after 6 weeks plus which they can eat kitten kibble well already. After nearly 2 months, finally I can send her to neuter and feed the kittens while mother overnight in vet. After neutering, she was adopted by one family with her remaining 2 kittens and I will continue follow up from time to time.
Attach is the photos and including some photos she and her kittens at adopter’s home. The picture before neuter did not manage to retake with her face because she was aggressive in vet. I got attach with another picture which is the other side. Please let me know if it can be accepted for aid then i can post the completed form and original receipt. Thank you very much.

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