Managing Zurik’s meals

I would say that yesterday was a pretty good day for us. Although Zurik did not eat on his own, he also did not spit out his food. I was able to forcefeed him raw chicken about 5 times in 3-hour intervals.

I even went out to buy the chicken thigh for him, just for a change from the usual chicken fillet. He ate the tiny pieces of raw chicken meat without struggle.

He spent a lot of time on his table, taking in some healing sunshine.

However, this morning did not start well. He rejected food and it was a bit of a struggle feeding him. It looks like the Mirtazapine isn’t working. It is an appetite stimulant but it isn’t working. I have already scaled down the medicines to a bare minimum now since he started rejecting the medicines last week.

Looks like some days will be good and some, not so. It’s all about playing it by ear, trying my best to give him the best.

I am grateful for yesterday and hope for the best for the rest of today.

1 comment to Managing Zurik’s meals

  • Shannon Hieb

    You are such wonderful people for spending all of your time making sure Zurik is living the best life he can!