Zurik’s news

Yesterday, I drove to the clinic to change Zurik’s liquid antibiotics to a tablet. It had been very stressful for him to take the liquid (even though it is the same one that Pole takes willingly); he froths and spits it out, and most of all, it is extremely stressful for him. The vet changed it to the Baytril tablet, once a day.

Zurik is on the decline. The abdominal fluids build up very rapidly and he has no appetite anymore. Since Saturday, he has not been willing to eat on his own. I have had no choice but to forcefeed him. These forcefeeding sessions are sometimes very stressful too, but I have been able to get some food in although it is probably not enough.

The vet suggested the option of having a feeding tube inserted for Zurik. However, it is a procedure that requires general anaesthesia and there is that risk. I am also worried if the tube might cause him discomfort after that. Right now, except for the forcefeeding sessions, Zurik is totally at peace and very calm. I would not want to do anything that would take away this peace and calm from him, knowing fully well that he is already living on borrowed time.

In Heidi’s tunnel.

We did a 150ml subcut today with the hope that the hydration would make him feel better. There is absolutely no struggle at all from Zurik during the subcut sessions.

We will probably have to do the fluid aspirations more often now that the build-up happens more rapidly.

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