Neutering aid for 1 cat and 2 dogs in Melaka (Adrienne Liew Siew Wern’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM380 for the neutering of this cat (RM80) and 2 dogs (RM150 each).

The cat has been adopted (please see below).

There are also pictures of the previous two cats whose neutering was aided by us. They are still in their colony, being fed by Ms Liew and her mother.

Hi, im liew from melaka, would like to apply for neutering aid for 1 female cat and 2 dogs (1 male and 1 female

i found this 1 female stray cats behind my house back lane…has given birth 3 times and all d kitten died…i have been
feeding her for about 2 months before manage to catch her
to spay her…after spaying her, i release her back to
the same lane but is still feeding her daily if i cant find an adopter for her..

As for d dogs, the female wan i found in a hiking trail…been feeding for 2 months daily before manage to catch her.. she will be up for adoption once she is healed frm her wound…as for d male, found running at mmu university compound…and at risk of being poison from d guard at there …will be up for adoption in d clinic too once ready….

Below r their individual photos
kindly acknowledge this email when you get it ya..thanks so much

Best regards,

The cat has been adopted:
The previous cats:

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