Neutering aid for 1 dog in Rawang (Yeap Yin May’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM150 for the neutering of this dog.

Please find attached a collage of the said male dog that has been neutered and will be placed back at the aforementioned adjoining plot. Unfortunately, upon clearer survey of the area. There are further three males and one female dog there. Upon enquiry, apparently the owner has no desire to sponsor the neuter/spaying fees. Since that is the case, I would like to request further aid for just one more female to be spayed. I believe once this female is spayed, the chances of the population increasing will be negated because the adjoining temple(all 18 strays) have been neutered or spayed. Your consideration upon my request is greatly appreciated. At the same time, may I proceed with the posting of the form? Also please find attached the said female. Thank you.


Yeap Yin May

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