Zurik’s check-up

I decided to take Zurik earlier for his check-up because the build-up of the abdominal fluids is very fast now.

We drew out 325ml of fluids but there was more.

Zurik’s urine had been dark yellow for some time now and today, his skin has a yellow tinge as well. Jaundice has set in and it is very likely that his liver is failing. Maybe this is why the steroids are no longer working since steroids are metabolised by the liver.  Of course there is the option of confirming liver degeneration through blood tests and then decide if the steroids should be further increased or he should be on oral liver supplements, but all this will not help Zurik be more comfortable at this stage of the disease. So, no blood tests.

We decided to stop all the medicines and just give Zurik painkillers (Tramadol cream, to be applied to the inside of the ear) to help relief any pain he may have. I will do my best to give him liquid nutrition and subcut for hydration whenever it is needed.

It is really sad that the virus is causing Zurik’s liver to degenerate now. But such is the FIP virus. All the earlier medication was effective in stopping the pleural effusion, but sadly, it didn’t work for the abdominal effusion.

Rest, Zurik, rest.
You have fought long and hard. You are our brave warrior.

We’ll do our very best to keep Zurik as comfortable as possible.

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