Respecting Zurik’s wishes

Zurik started rejecting his medicines last week and since Sunday, he stopped eating willingly. I was still able to forcefeed tiny bits of food earlier on, but in the last two days, it has been getting increasingly difficult. He refuses to open his mouth.

The only thing I can do for him now is subcut hydration, which he does not protest against. If there is an opportunity, I would try to get some liquid nutrition into his mouth. He also has the painkiller, Tramadol, a cream applied to the inside of his ear.

It is heartbreaking seeing him deteriorate but animals allow nature to take its course. It has been very difficult for me for the past few days because I feel so helpless.

I only managed to do this once today, a few minutes ago. He was hiding under the vegetable pots all morning so we respected that. When he finally came out on his own, I carried him up for a subcut and then, gave him a little bit of liquid nutrition.

We have chanting and soothing music on with the hope that it would create a more serene and peaceful atmosphere for Zurik.

2 comments to Respecting Zurik’s wishes

  • Kelly

    I feel you. I also lost my senior cat meow2 due to wet FIP. One thing, treasure the time you have and more sayang2 for Zurik. He knows you’ve tried ur very best already.

  • Yen Ling

    BIG HUGS to you and Zurik. He is a good boy. Also, remembered him as a very manja cat when I met him at your gate.