Sterilizing 75% of the cat community – it works!

Here is another study:

Pertinent points:

A collaboration between cat welfare advocates, veterinary scientists and wildlife biologists suggests that when sterilization efforts reach 75% of the colony, overall numbers will decrease over time, while preventable cat deaths can be reduced more than 30-fold.

What is the worst thing communities can do?

The worst thing communities can do is nothing, Levy says. That’s because cats have a high reproductive rate, and 75% of their kittens die before the age of 6 months. As a result, unchecked breeding results in the highest number of preventable deaths, even more than culling programs, in which cats are trapped and euthanized.

“Trap-neuter-return eliminates a huge amount of suffering,” she said.

This is noteworthy, especially to local councils:

“The community generally will not help if they know the cats are going to be harmed,” she said. “Cat-friendly programs like TNR gain support from residents who will pitch in sweat equity to support the process, whereas lethal programs do not gain citizen participation and rely on tax-funded municipal programs to maintain.”


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