Vaccination aid for 3 cats in Tanjong Karang (Nor Dalilah bt Abdul Rahman’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM75 for the vaccinations for these 3 cats.

Please see below for a photo of the previous two cats whose neutering was aided by us.


My name is Nor Dalilah Ab Rahman. I wish to apply for vaccination aid for three cats. Attached here is the collage picture of the cats and their vaccine book.
Pic with the red number 1, is Momi the climber, with eye disease and some fungus and ringworm, she came to my house in Kg Sg Sireh, Tanjong Karang on 8 October 2018. After several days of neglecting her because of my money problem at that time, i decided to adopt her since my neighbour wants to put her at market. She is now live with my other cats, and after second vaccine i wish to neuter her next month.
Pic with the red number 2, is Popo, which I found in my workplace on 16 January 2019. She was so tiny and thin and might be around a month at that time. Now, she lives with me and my other cats, and will be neuter after her third vaccine, maybe in October this year.
Pic with the red number 3, is Caca who came to my house this year, on May 17. I immediately adopt her because she still a kitten but my neighbour want to put her in market, again. Now she lives with me and my other cats, and i planned to neuter her together with popo, in October this year.
I hope my application is approved, because i need to neuter these three cats but have to vaccine first as a precaution, because the clinic says they are handling many parvo cases lately.
Thank you for providing this subsidy,
Thank you.
Previous cats, Bobo and Cicak:

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