Zurik, our brave FIP warrior

Zurik passed away peacefully at 9.20pm tonight.

We had just come home from buying fruits. Zurik had been spending most of his time under the vegetable pots on the pebbles (probably for grounding with the earth). But this time, he had come into the house.

I placed all the fruits in the kitchen and then Zurik started calling.

My husband and I were with him from then, until he drew his last breath. It was about half an hour in all. He calmed down when we placed our hands on him and he went very peacefully.

Today, Zurik had given me signs already, because whenever I patted him, he mewed softly. He normally never does this. I knew his end was near, but I did not know when. I also honestly do not want him to suffer, struggle or be in any prolonged pain.

I am comforted that we were with him for his last half hour. Maybe he waited for us to come home too.

We would like to thank all friends who have journeyed together with us throughout these (almost) four months. Our grateful thanks also go to Zurik’s vet and the RetroMAD1 team who provided much support and caring.  Many thanks also to all friends from the FIP Advisory and Care Group who provided very helpful medical information and moral support. To all my friends who took a special interest in Zurik, I will always be very grateful.

Thanks to the medical treatment, Zurik had a good 3 months after diagnosis, which is already longer than many other cats with this disease, especially the wet form.  We are just 4 days short of reaching 4 months. But it’s not the length of time that matters, it’s the quality of life that Zurik had after diagnosis where he was happy and as “normal” as any other cat.

It’s time to rest now, Zurik. You have fought a long and very, very brave battle with one of the most dreaded feline diseases, FIP.

I took this photo this afternoon. Perhaps Zurik was grounding with the Earth.

Ginger was the first to come pay his respects.

Heidi came too.

And Tabs too.

It was late and the florist was closed, so we used flowers from our garden.

Loyal friend.

We have arranged for cremation by Pet Memorial Services tomorrow.

Journey on to where there is peace and no more suffering, dearest Zurik.

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