A tribute to Zurik: FIP warrior, sporo survivor, taiji bodyguard, loyal friend

Zurik was not only an FIP warrior, he was also a sporo survivor, my taiji bodyguard, loyal friend and maybe, my guardian angel too.

He came out of “nowhere” more than seven years ago. He was already an adult then. At that time, he was a “terrorist” cat and we joked that he was a KGB spy. His visits to our house was always accompanied by two tree shrews, whom we affectionately called Otto and Igor. We had such lovely stories about their adventures then. Zurik was a bit of a bully too and used to terrorise Rosie and Daffodil, but when Daffodil went missing during her final weeks with us, it was Zurik who accompanied me on my searches for her (we finally found Daffodil when she decided to come home).

Zurik was my ever-loyal taiji bodyguard. He lived as a CNRM-cat because I was never sure if he had another home. Whenever I came out of the house to practise taiji at the park, he would accompany me. He would sit and watch me practise, then come home with me. He never “ran amok” like Heidi, there was no need to chase after him to bring him back; he would dutifully come back with me, walk beside me, like a loyal dog. I missed our taiji practices when I had to confine Zurik indoors after his FIP diagnosis.

Zurik was my quiet loyal friend. On hindsight now, I think he was perhaps “sent” to be my guardian angel. He looked after me in his own ways, as much as a cat could.

If you had read yesterday’s post, I mentioned that Zurik waited for us to come home last night, before calling me for his final half hour. I am thankful that we were around to calm him and be with him in his final moments so that he was not alone. I know his passing would most probably be caused by liver failure because jaundice had already set in and was progressing rapidly. The vet had told me that liver failure could be painful and I was really worried about this. But during the last few days, I made sure he had his painkillers twice a day.

But I did not mention yesterday that Zurik also waited for after my birthday to pass on. On the 7th, which was my birthday, he already did not look too good and that was the last time I brought him to the vet’s for the abdominocentesis. But he was stoic and remained dignified for two more days before passing on.

Coincidentally too, we had earlier on signed up for our first (one and only) international taiji competition which began today. I was very worried if Zurik deteriorated further and needed me during the two days of the competition and was feeling really miserable about going. I really had no heart to go at all.

But Zurik passed on last night and enabled us to be with him during his final half hour. He let me spend time with him after that until past midnight. I barely slept all night and was quite tired this morning. I thought about it and I didn’t want Zurik’s planning (or all the coincidences) to be in vain. Zurik was my taiji bodyguard, so I decided I would go for the competition today and do my very best, as a tribute to him for all the years he had accompanied me for my taiji practices.

So, we went today. With barely any sleep last night, I mustered all my mental energy and told myself, “Do this for Zurik. Let it be a tribute to him.” I did, and even while performing my sequence, I was cold and trembling, but I kept telling myself, “Be like Zurik, be as stoic and calm as Zurik, do this for him.” I imagined Zurik sitting nearby watching me.

Perhaps he was, in spirit.

I did my best and was surprised I received a bronze medal for it.

This medal is for Zurik!

Mummy won a taiji medal as a tribute to you, Zurik.

Thank you for being who you were, my bodyguard and loyal companion, my guardian angel.

Pet Memorial Services collected Zurik’s remains for cremation this morning. Jia-Wen bought fresh flowers for Zurik.


2 comments to A tribute to Zurik: FIP warrior, sporo survivor, taiji bodyguard, loyal friend

  • Chen

    Aww… I’ve been silently following Zurik’s progress and wishing you all the best.
    Zurik was an amazing cat. So handsome. He even won a bronze medal for you.
    Take care Kah Yein and family. Zurik had a great life with you.

  • He is your guardian angel. Your light on the path you have chosen. There is always reason why souls cross paths and he entered your life with such purpose and with a definite Destiny in mind. Our FIP angels change our lives. It’s as if they are there to spur us to greater heights and to be so much more than we are. Zurik’s story touched me very deeply and his loss has brought so many tears. But even in that sadness there has been light. I have come to meet an extraordinary lady – someone who I look up to and admire. Thank you Zurik. Your life is always honoured and will always be remembered.