Ginger’s orientation in Bunny’s Place

Since Ginger has become a super-alpha sprayer in the house now, I thought there might be times we need to put him in Bunny’s Place.

It would also be good if Ginger can be accepted by the Cow Clan.

So, Ginger had a supervised orientation today.

He was making a lot of noise while I was inside Bunny’s Room, so I opened the grille and an “exchange” happened – Ginger came in and Pole went out! It was almost like a “prisoner swap” but of course nobody is a prisoner here.

Indy was the first (and only) cat who was on the offensive.

Ginger was smart enough to jump up onto the wooden chair next to me while Indy made his war cries.

Indy was clearly fed-up by Ginger’s presence and he could not get to Ginger, so he made his protest known by biting me on the hand. Then he flipped on the floor and bit his own paw repeatedly. He was letting off steam.

He soon settled down.

Cow was asleep and not bothered by all the goings-on. He did look up (he was totally aware of what was going on, of course). But he decided he didn’t need to react.

Ginger also settled down.

I put Ginger down on the floor and Indy seemed civil now.


Indy tried to bite Ginger’s ear, but Ginger protested.

Side by side.

I let Ginger back out and Pole back inside. Prisoner swap! Haha…

Can Indy be friends with Ginger?

Now, Indy is on the same chair that Ginger sat on and poking me repeatedly with his paw.

Indy is a very possessive cat, so his acceptance of Ginger is definitely going to take some time.

And there’s Cow and Bunny to contend with as well. It’s no easy feat.

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