The mystery of the bloody stools

I’m talking about blood-tinged stools here.

Last Sunday, I noticed two spots of loose stools tinged with blood and mucus on the sandpit at Bunny’s Place.

Now, it was rather tricky to figure out who passed those stools because the sandpit is shared. I spent most of the day monitoring the movements of all the cats – Cow, Bunny, Pole, Cleo and Indy. None of them appeared to show any signs of being sick.

Finally, I narrowed it down to Indy. The stools were at the spot that he frequents and I also saw him trying to cover his tracks at that spot on that day.

Before that, he had also vomited on two mornings. So, that made Indy the prime “suspect”. It was a Sunday and the vet was closed.

By evening, there was another patch of blood-tinged loose stools again at the same spot. And no, I did not witness who actually did it.

The plan was to take Indy to the vet’s on Monday, and to tell the vet that I cannot be absolutely sure if it was him, but can we perhaps do some checks on him?

Throughout Sunday, I started Indy on diet-control – only the simplest canned chicken (I used Cindy’s Tender Chicken). No other food except this. I also added Mercola’s probiotics to the food. Luckily he was obedient enough to eat it. Cow and Bunny were on it too (just to play it safe).

On Monday morning, thankfully, there was no loose stools at that spot. I continued with the canned chicken (with probiotics) for Indy and decided not to take him to the vet…yet. There were no stools at that spot the whole day.

Today, I saw better-formed stools at that spot and there was definitely no blood in it.

What a relief!

And Indy is now demanding for his kibble non-stop! After two days of nothing but canned chicken, he’s now on a kibble-eating spree. I gave him, but in small amounts.

So, was it Indy?

Now I’m thinking that Cleo might be a possible “suspect” too. But since there are no more bloody stools (fingers crossed), I hope we can put the matter to rest now.

Goodnight, everyone.


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