The new sword and sabre guardian

Tabs decided to take up Zurik’s duty of guarding our taiji swords and sabres.

She also took up the position on top of the piano.
That’s Zurik’s piano blanket. It was one of his favourite spots in the house.

Tabs was friendly and sympathetic to Zurik during his indoor-stay of almost four months. Maybe they were friends and Tabs has decided to take up his duties now.

It’s been 18 days since Zurik left us, but I still miss him very much.  He was such a good cat and loyal friend. Never gave problems to anyone. Even on his very last day when he was noticeably weaker, he made it all the way to the sandpit at the patio or to the bathroom to do his business.

There are so many things about Zurik’s quiet ways that have left a huge impression on all of us. Having lived his life as an outside cat all this while, he adapted so well indoors and was such a considerate and remarkable cat.

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