Neutering aid for 1 dog in Iskandar Putri, Johor (Nujtiya Chareansouk’s)

We have provided an aid of RM140 for the neutering of this dog.

Ms Nujtiya requested RM10 less.  Thank you!

Yoyo, the neutered dog will be adopted by a prawn farmer, along with her best friend (another dog). Both will go together to the prawn farm. Please scroll down for their photo.

Dear Dr. Chan,

I have sent 1 dog for neutering on 17/AUG/2019. Below is the short write up.

I named her Yoyo. She was brought to my feeding place by a security guard. The guard looked after her about 2 months but then complained that she bit his hand phone charger so he didn’t want the dog anymore. So I took away Yoyo and tried to find her a home. Finally, a prawn farm wants to adopt her, together with another adult dog. I will send them to the farm on this weekend. The farm has about 5 female dogs and he is willing to pay for the neutering fee for his 5 dogs. I will help the owner on the neutering.

The bill is RM200 and I wish to claim RM140 for spaying this dog, could you please approve? Thanks.

Attached Form, Receipt and photos fyr.


Just FYI, I will send 2 of them to the farm. They are best friends ❤

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