Compliance to policy requirements

This is a gentle reminder to all applicants that our policies ( and are put in place to ensure that there is sufficient accountability and transparency to the funds that we provide.

We ask for a write-up and complete photo collage (before surgery, surgical wound, ear-notch for females, fully awake photo after surgery) by email. If the animal was genuinely rescued by the applicant, there ought to be no difficulty in telling us about the animal or in providing all the necessary photos required in the collage. We also ask who will be responsible for looking after the animal after the procedure because life-long care is important for the animal’s wellbeing.

Then, we ask for the form and receipt by post, both of which must be signed and stamped by the vet. The receipt must be issued to the applicant’s full name. Again, if everything is done by the applicant, this should not post any problems.

Recently, we had cases where the applicant was not able to tell us anything about the animals and also a case where a receipt was issued to another “seasoned rescuer”. This certainly does not augur well for the authenticity of the claim. We cannot help in such cases.

For subsequent applications, we also ask for the photos and updates of the previous animals. We just need to know the truth and would appreciate honesty and truthfulness.

Since March this year, we implemented the project-based applications where applicants have to inform us how many animals he/she wishes to apply for. If the colony is big and the applicant wishes to stabilise it in a short time, we will even make provision to increase the maximum allowable number per week. But of course, we would need photographs as proof of the existence of the said number of animals.

We would like to thank the many applicants who comply with our policy requirements. Thank you very much for making the effort to help make our work accountable to all donors and supporters.

We are a registered organisation and we go through a strict audit process, so to those who refuse to comply with our policy requirements, it may be better that you seek help elsewhere because going back-and-forth with repeated reminders is really very unfair to us. And to those who come up with all kinds of excuses to try to deceive us, it is truly a shame and a waste of time and effort for everyone involved.

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