Neutering aid for 3 cats in Cheras (Lum Kah Wai’s)

We have provided an aid of RM290 for the neutering of these 3 cats.

This aid is sponsored by Avant Pet Sdn Bhd.

Good evening Dr. Chan,

I have brought the two mother cat, Mamee and Ratu, and also one of the male cat, Rambo for neutering on the 29th August. I have posted the receipt and application form on the following day. I want to apply for neutering aid for these 3 cats (2 female and 1 male cats)
Previously Mamee and Ratu were not able to be neuter because they are on heat. I waited until they have stopped meowing the on-heat meow then only send them for the neutering. I apologized and explained to my neighbors beforehand because I was so worried the neighbors will complain about their annoyingly loud on-heat meowing in the middle of the night. Took a half day leave to bring them to the vet and collect them after my work at night.
They will be up for adoption to find their forever home after they are back in good health and the surgery scar have completely healed. I will be arranging for neutering for the remaining 4 of my cats and the other 3 male street cats soon which I have been feeding them every day.
To be honest, I felt reluctant to give them up for adoption after so many months raising, nursing and watching them grow but I hope it is the best for both of us and my cats as I will have more space to save the other street cats in need.
Attached photo collage of Mamee, Ratu and Rambo.
Thank you Dr. Chan.
Lum Kah Wai

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