First subcut for Pole and Cleo

After letting Pole and Cleo rest for a few hours, I decided to try the subcut for both just now. The vet had said perhaps it would be a better idea to do it tomorrow as today’s consultation took almost one-and-a-half hours, plus the waiting time. Blood was also taken and the ultrasound was done and the car trip was stressful too.

Pole and Cleo hardly ever travel in the car because they almost never got sick all their lives. It was always the boys who had to go to the vet. Not the girls. So I totally understand how traumatic and stressful today must have been for them.

The vet also said that if it’s not possible to do subcut for Cleo since she is so defensive and fierce, we could go with just a change to the renal diet.

But I know subcut helps, so I was game to try. I’ve seen how much it has helped Indy and Bunny’s CKD and I’m hoping it will do the same for Pole and Cleo too.

So just now, I got everything ready, with a size 19G needle (which is slightly thinner than the pink 18G). Then, I took Pole up first. I asked my husband to be on standby and to help hold Pole down when I pricked the needle. Pole seemed okay, but granted, she was nervous.

She kept trying to lean against the window. For a first-timer, I’d say she was really good about it.

We managed to do the full 150ml.

Next was Cleo’s turn.

Cleo let out a yelp when the needle was pricked. Again, I totally don’t blame her for it. It’s the first time for both of them. And by nature, Cleo and Pole are highly defensive cats.

Cleo kept trying to jerk away, hoping to jerk off the needle, but I managed to hold it down. I wouldn’t say it was too difficult.

So yes, we managed to do the full 150ml too.

I hope the next round on Wednesday will be easier. I also hope they will both get used to car trips since they would need clinic visits for follow-up.

Both are calm and resting now.

First subcut – done!

I guess Bunny, Indy, Pole and Cleo will need subcut for the rest of their lives since this is geriatric chronic kidney disease. Whatever it is, if we can keep them relatively happy and as healthy as possible with just subcut, without the need for medication and invasive procedures to enable them to lead as normal a life as they can, that would be a good thing.

For Pole, if hyperthyroidism is the cause of her kidney and liver condition as well as other hyperactive symptoms (like the rapid heartbeat), I hope the medication for hyperthyroidism will resolve everything. The vet also did not rule out hyperthyroidism for Cleo although there are no symptoms in her for now. We will do a follow-up in one-and-a-half month’s time and go from there.

Aging and sickness – there is no escape. It’s just the degree of discomfort, pain and suffering that comes with it.

As pet parents, of course we hope all our pets will go through their lives with minimal discomfort and pain. Let’s hope that they will never know that they are sick. Only we know and we make them as comfortable as possible, for as long as possible.

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