Ginger’s check-up at the vet’s

It’s been six months since Ginger’s last check up where his SDMA reading was 15 (0-14 is normal) but his creatinine was only 100 at the time so we did not start him on any treatment.

Ginger’s check-up was all okay except that he has gained too much weight. He is 6.6kg now and yes, he is obese and has to lose some weight. He also has some plague, so he would need Orozyme daily.

A blood test was done and surprisingly, the SDMA came down to 11 and his creatinine remained low at 95 today. So, based on the results, Ginger does NOT have any kidney issues. The SDMA reading is always read together and interpreted together with the creatinine and BUN readings.

It’s a relief!

But we would really have to work on his weight loss now.

Ginger, you are okay, but you have to lose some weight.

The thing is, Ginger doesn’t really eat that much. But he does like to nibble on snacks. I think we have to cut that down.

We also brought Cleo and Pole (next post).

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